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Why I Am Starting VanLife!!

Well adventurers it is official!! For almost 4 years I have been traveling to some of the most unique and beautiful locations in a small car and camping along the way. The small nature of the car has allowed me to easily maneuver around the country all the while saving funds with great fuel economy.

However after nearly 80,000 miles of adventures, I found it was time to take the next step in travel and with that I opted to embark on a new chapter of life and my channel, VanLife!!

I have watched hundreds of videos, seen countless conversions and been able to envision how upgrading my adventure vehicle could open new doors for travel and with that I took the plunge. This plunge did not come without much research and soul searching as I attempted to find the perfect adventure rig for myself, all of which I will outline more thoroughly in another blog.

After much time, the Nissan NV200 was ultimately my selection!

Though small in stature this van will pack a big punch when it comes to adventures and will eliminate some of the growing pains I have encountered along my previous adventures. Considered to be a micro camper in the eyes of the world, this van will allow me to pack purposeful items and be able to access them a bit easier than the car.

Additionally, I will be able to carry items which before would have had to stay at home because there simply was not room.

Camping no longer will be dictated by hard sides, something you encounter a lot when in areas which have bears. I will no longer be soaked by the rain and having to dry out a tent or roll it into a trash bag to make sure it could not mildew in the dreary weather. Security will be a bit less of a concern for not only myself by my family and friends because now I will be able to lock doors and have a bit of a barrier between myself and the outside world.

Does a van answer everything? No, but it does create a solution to the vast majority of the things I have personally encountered.

For example, some areas currently will not allow you to stay without a means for having your own toilet, now with a van that is an option. Some areas do not have showers, again with van I can carry more water and have a travel shower that can simply pop up and provide privacy. Some areas get really hot or really cold, sleeping in a tent there is little relief, however in a van I can insulate and carry with me a means to cool off or warm up, making travel more accessible throughout the year in more areas.

As my journey begins I hope to share all of the unique challenges which occur along the way as well as all of the adventures themselves. I will be adding special videos to my channel, blog posts with items which I find handy, the overall build journey and thoughts along the way. If you are also interested in VanLife I hope these blogs and videos can become a resource for a small van conversion and the realities of what it is to pack up everything and hit the road for destinations unknown.

Get ready guys this is going to be a fun new chapter!!


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