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Yarrow Campground, Wilson's Lake Most Coveted Campground

Wilson’s Lake in Kansas is something of a departure from surrounding areas of Kansas. If you take a moment to pull just a slight distance off the major highways and toward the Wilson’s Lake area you will be pleasantly surprised as the world begins to roll and open up into vibrant hillsides winding their way though the area.

I honestly stopped myself for a moment and checked the map thinking to myself in such a cliche way, “ We are not in Kansas anymore.”

But just as the map proved, I was in fact still in the same state, I noticed more and more signs for Wilson’s Lake State Park and found it was a must see while visiting the area.

The road winds you down to the park and down to what seems like a dead end just at the Yarrow Campground. This campground is one of the most coveted in the park because of its location, its convenience and its size.

When visiting Wilson Lake you might want to consider this loop for improved camping. When I visited I noticed that the roadways in and out of the campsite were well structured to provide ample movement for larger units with back up capabilities. While this loop also offers tent camping, it really is designed for the small to mid-size RVs.

Each campsite was equipped with a picnic table and fire ring, although I must say that some of the tables in this area were lacking a bit and needed some updating. The sites also included water and electric hook ups with reasonable spacing between sites. Pull- in/ back-in sites were graveled and semi level while the area between the spaces were grassy and lush. During summer months this would be a perfect retreat for families looking to have a little fun together but still have convenience.

What I liked most about this particular site was the proximity it had to the swimming beach and also the restrooms. Within 100 yards of one another you could access flushing toilets and showers or fun in the sun. This was the best overall campground for accessing both of these amenities and therefore I believe would bring about the most fun for the family overall.

Additionally, a playground was located nearby.

I would definitely recommend arriving early if visiting on a weekend or making reservations online to ensure a site at this campground in particular. The most popular of this lake region, Yarrow stays booked well into the later portion of summer on weekends and is hit or miss on weekdays.


  • Check out the rental shop just outside of the park where you can find anything from a paddle board to a canoe.   Also this is a great place to check in if you are needing a few last minute supplies.

  • Make sure to check out park rules at the kiosk before entering, this can be very valuable information especially when crowds are flocking to the area.


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