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Mecca Beach Campground Review

A bit off the tourist path sits a sea which has been all but forgotten by most.   Due to its levels of salinity much of the tourism which once befound the Salton Sea has long since passed.   But for those looking for beautiful serene sunsets and an interesting campsite to write back home about, Mecca Beach Campground is just the right fit.

I have to admit, I personally am intrigued by the story behind the sea itself and that drew me to see what it was about.   But nothing could have prepared me for the spectacle of the views. 

Vast mountains surround the peaceful looking lake.   When arriving it appeared to be an unspoiled wonder with white sands in the midst of nothingness.   

We arrived and no one was on duty so we filed our slip and continued into the grounds to select our place.   Much to our surprise, despite arriving close to 7:30 in the evening, it was near unoccupied so selection was open to our desire

We found a location toward the end of the beach tent road and enjoyed the views from a picnic table directly by the water.  But walking toward the beach, it was not like a beach you would ever think to call beautiful.   

The white sands were in fact barnacles, long since left behind from fish and salts in the near abandoned lake.   It was fascinating that something so beautiful could in fact have spawned from such tragedy.  

The campsite looked as though there was an original beach and a water line which had receded leaving behind the stories of its past through these deposits.  There was no smell or death or sea instead only peace and quiet as the stars danced above us for a perfect night.  

As morning arose, a slightly different story.  As the seas waters churned it revealed a slight stench of the past and flies were abundant near the camping area.  On the shoreline it didn't seem to be the case with the flies so we are still a bit confused why the flies were so plentiful at the campsites where there was no sign of death.

It was a warm 76 and outside it felt great, still with almost a surreal quiet present.  We opted not to shower here because they showers were outdoor showers which seemed to not have a warm option at all.  Bathrooms were clean despite no reserve of park officials and overall the sites were nice.


I'd give this campground a 3 of 5 Bunnies.   Mainly because of the lack of presence of attendant and the  showers.  It can be expected to be a bit of a different kind of camping experience considering the history of the location.   I will be posting a full blog soon with the story of the Salton Sea for full details.  

If you are looking for an interestin experience and amazing sunsets it is a must stop, just be prepared it's like no beach you have seen before! 

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