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Hit 3k Followers On Facebook & Talk To Me Tuesday

A huge thanks goes out to everyone today who supports my blog!!  I am excited to announce that today I hit 3,000 followers on Facebook, just a little closer to my goals for the blog as a whole.  This makes my overall footprint of subscribed outreach just over 6000 (this includes various social medias as well as the blog landing page itself)

 I would love now to improve the subscriptions to YouTube so that I eventually can finalize the domain name for that and start providing even more content to all the social sites through some of the features made available by that option.

Some of my followers were featured by Facebook!  But you all mean the world to me!!

Thank you again everyone for following the adventures as I bring budget friendly ideas into your home.   I hope that my journey inspires you to take one of your own and live fearless in adventure be it in your own backyard, a neighboring state or even across the world.  

Enjoy today's "Talk To Me Tuesday" where I expand on my gratitude, give a rundown of weekly events and answer some of your questions from this week's emails!!   Remember I am always excited to receive suggestions for adventures so make sure you send your ideas or questions in by clicking the Contact section of my website!!

If you are a YouTube member please click subscribe on my channel and I look forward to breaking the next milestone of 5,000 facebook followers and 100 YouTube subscriptions!!!

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