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How A Selfie Can Save Your Camera

We all have cameras to commemorate some of the best moments of our lives. Be it a cell phone or a personal digital camera, there is a common thread with all devices which binds them to some of our most exciting memories. But what if your device is lost at the airport, in a public place or happens to stumble upon a lost a found bin somewhere?

Top experts in the field of travel seem to concur that the best way to claim your device is not to know a lengthy serial number or make of your device. Though both of these can be helpful the most common way to claim your device is by taking a selfie on the device as your first entry onto any sd card.


When recovering your items from a lost and found typically you can just describe an item by color, type and such, however with electronic devices there are many others traveling with identical items. Unless you have a single defining characteristic which sets this device apart you may not be able to recover your item by description alone.

However if you have a selfie on your camera you can tell an attendant about your first photo being a photo of yourself and they can reference this item and confirm your identity.

Very helpful especially if you have lost a phone because most people travel with their phones storing most of their important data in saved folders such as serial numbers and other numbers of interest. If you can confirm this detail it can save your day and make your recovery process quick and easy.

Don't be caught debating with lost and found, instead just snap a quick selfie. Even if you don't feel it to be a flattering photo, this isn't about the quality of the pic, it is about leaving yourself a breadcrumb trail on your device just in case.


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