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Travel Style & Safety: How To Express Yourself & Not Raise Any Red Flags

Many times when traveling we are discouraged from taking along valuable jewelry. Let’s face it a lot of people in the world are less than honest and being flashy can create a big walking target on us which just scream “Money” or “Tourist”. For this reason may are left with bare wrists feeling less like themselves and like they are missing a piece of their personal style.

But what if you didn’t have to do that? What if you could bring along stylish pieces which didn’t attract negative and instead ushered in positive vibes?

Sure it might sound a bit iffy…but a few jewelers are really taking note of the desire to express personal style in a functional way. One of those is 33 Shimmering Lights!

I have to say I love this brand! I feel like each piece is unique and with the customization of size it really feels like the brand has the ability to transform my travel style in a way where I have confidence in self expression without a big target on my back.

You might be familiar with the BOHO style, I would most closely compare this brand to just that. Intricate beads, crystals, and beautifully constructed materials the ability to mix and match, add layers and select from not only colors but meanings really sets the bar high.

So how does that translate into travel?

Well as previously stated we all want to have our own unique style. Being able to dress up or down an outfit within a single accessory change it key to maximizing looks and cutting down on packing. A simple jewelry change can transform an outfit from day to night with ease.

But what if alongside that ability to transition looks you also were giving yourself an underlying positive vibe? Now you may or may not believe in stones associated with positive vibes but if you do, these bracelets and necklaces are chalked full of it!! From combinations designed to bring prosperity, positive connections with others, to ward off negative energy, clearing your energy and creating calm from anxiety the thought behind the placement of each bead and stone is incredible.

For those who don’t buy into vibes through jewelry, it’s ok… you will still love these awesome looks! Why?

The BOHO style is more grounded as a whole. It is fun and funky and most importantly when traveling, it isn’t the style which typically triggers the dishonest to want to loot you with the casual bump and go. You can share so much self expression without raising eyebrows and this perhaps is what makes these amazing styles just make sense when traveling.

I personally love layering the looks, combining a variety of bracelets which share not only a color story but also a story of where and when I decided each piece was the one for me. I enjoy wearing the green color as well as clear quartz because not only are they complimentary to my tones but it also projects a vibe of clearing the negativity around me and bringing luck and prosperity. For those again who don't believe, it really is a mind set that you can get behind just like "mind over matter" so if you see it constantly it reminds you to motivate yourself more than anything.

With necklaces I tend to stay away from heavier pieces when adventuring but like to have the more bold statement pieces for evening.

The Quartz Raw Crystal Choker (brown three leather cord with crystal featured top left). is delicate enough in appearance for day while also having an early tone which I feel travels well with a gritty sturdy leather band which doesn't damage, turn or rub around my neck.

I absolutely love to throw on a thicker and darker band to really draw attention. The Resonator Pendant (black corded thick band with pendant featured right bottom) necklace is a prime example of a great way I could transition into something more bold when traveling from day to night.

So can the BOHO vibes transition to various styles of vacation?

YES!! The great thing about this style is it has a variety of great ways it can be integrated into almost any style of adventure.

I have found that while outdoor adventuring the style is very versatile. I often can be found hiking or trekking in bracelets from this style profile because they are comfortable and easy to wear. Those same looks can translate into festival wear.

I noticed that while looking through many top Cochella looks that the BOHO style vibe presented through 33 Shimmering Lights was everywhere. From high end designer looks with a little snap of personal styling through jewelry to the more traditional BOHO chic trends it was absolutely everywhere! I think that is the true beauty old this style of jewelry, the ability to dress it up or down seems endless.

Traveling to a beach? These fashions won't get gritty in the sea and sand, they are designed to wear through instead of tarnish.

Thinking about exploring a city? Visiting a museum or even having brunch? These looks can be mixed and matched with everything from shorts and a cute tank top to a cute pants suit or dress for the ultimate spring to summer outdoor look ideal for any travel or adventure.

A pool day, a staycation a trip abroad or a road trip solo these styles are a quick and easy way to put your stamp on your look without putting out any red flags around you. You can be yourself entirely but not feel afraid of being a target when traveling. Intricate details, custom fit and designed to promote your intentions of being fashionable but also achieving great things is now something within reach.

In the big picture of travel sometimes we forget the smallest of things, but the small things are the ones that can truly have the largest impact on the big picture!


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